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Created by and for auctioneers in the early 2000s, Interencheres is France's leading website to browse lots, buy at auction and track live sales all over France.

It is the site that has the greatest variety of content, making it a must for professionals and auctioneer newcomers alike. From decorative objects to exceptional works of art, including second-hand vehicles and professional equipment, the goods offered for sale, assessed in advance by the auctioneers, are of unmatched variety. All the services offered by the site enable you to stay informed of the latest sales news, to obtain alerts about popular lots, to follow the sales in real time and to bid remotely with a simple click.

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Review of 2023

January 2024. After crossing the 550 million euro milestone in 2022, Interencheres confirms its dynamism and registers a new jump of +21% this year, totalling 678 million euros in online auctions. […]

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Interencheres opens its services to international auction houses

January 2024. Interencheres pursues its development and announces its international opening. Since 1st January 2024, international auction houses are able to advertise their sales on Interencheres. […]

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Review of the 1st half of 2023

July 2023. Interencheres had an excellent first half of 2023, with online auction revenue up 34% to 358 million euros. While the "Art and collectables" segment played a leading role, the digitalization of auctions continued in all sectors, with (in particular) a spectacular increase of 59% in vehicle sales. […]

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Interencheres wins a "Cas d'OR du Digital" prize for innovation

July 2023. Interencheres and its partner "The Packengers" won the "Prix de l'Innovation" at the "Cas d'OR du Digital" event on July 5 at the AéroClub de France for their new after-sales service dedicated to packaging and transportation. […]

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Interencheres elects a new chairman

May 2023. Frédéric Lapeyre, Managing Director of Interencheres since 2019, succeeded Dominique Le Coënt-de Beaulieu as Chairman of the Interencheres Management Board. Le Coënt-de Beaulieu, who had served for 13 years in the role, will continue to take part in the Group's business as Vice-Chairman of the Interencheres Management Board. […]

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Review of 2022

December 2022. Despite the current unstable socio-economic context, Interencheres maintained its growth and posted a solid balance sheet for 2022, marked by live auction proceeds of 553 million euros (+3%), or an increase of 152% in just three years. […]

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Review for 1st half of 2022

July 2022. As the effects of the pandemic have subsided, Interencheres has recorded a live auction revenue of €266 million in the first half of 2022, rivalling its record performance of 2021 and smashing the pre-pandemic level. […]

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2021 Review

January 2022 After the spectacular growth recorded with Live sales in 2020, Interencheres continues to progress and closes 2021 with a new record: 534 million euros of auctions in Live sales (up 37%). [...]

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Interencheres launches its online sales

September 2021. Interencheres launches its Online sales service on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. With this new sales channel, Interencheres intends to increase its impact tenfold and expand its audience. […]

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Review for 1st half of 2021

July 2021. The spectacular acceleration that began in 2020 is continuing on Interencheres Live, which closed the first half of 2021 with total Live auction proceeds of 311 million euros (up 98%). […]

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Interencheres wins a public contract from the Crédit municipal de Paris

January 2021. The spectacular performance recorded by Interencheres and the quality of its services have convinced the Crédit Municipal de Paris to renew its exclusive partnership with the platform for the broadcasting of its live sales. […]

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2020 Review

December 2020. Interencheres' 2020 results demonstrate the power of online sales, which have enabled auction houses to maintain dynamic activity and record audience figures, despite the pandemic. […]

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Interencheres sets out to conquer the international market with the acquisition of

November 2020. Based on a solid competitive advantage, Interencheres is entering a new decisive phase in its development with the acquisition of the website, which has a strong international presence. […]

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Review for 1st half of 2020

July 2020. Despite a slowdown in activity in March as a result of the lockdown, Interencheres recorded a very significant increase in online auction activity and closed the half-year with total live auction proceeds of 150 million euros (+40%). […]

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Review May 2020: an historic month for Live auctions

May 2020. As a result of the lockdown, many auctioneers decided to continue their business by holding live-only sales. These new kinds of sales have enjoyed a steady and growing audience over the weeks, reaching record figures during the month of May and attracting an increasing number of new bidders. […]

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2019 Review

December 2019. In 2019, the site recorded the highest sale price of the year in France for a work of art, sold at €24.18m, and recorded a total of €219m in Live auctions. […]

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Review for 1st half of 2019

July 2019. With over 40,000 new subscribers and €107 million in items sold: the Interencheres Live figures for the first half of 2019 show a growing interest in auctions from a younger generation who have been converted to auctions through Live sales. […]

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2018 Review

December 2018. Auctions have never been so fashionable! In 2018, the site recorded 28 million visits and the Interencheres Live site recorded a 30% increase in new subscribers. […]

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Thanks to a network of more than 380 auctioneers from all over France, Interencheres has extensive visibility on auctions which allows it to identify the trends to follow.

The collector car market: Review of 2022

February 2023. Unlike the new & used vehicle markets, the collector car market was especially strong in 2022, demonstrating its resilience even in unfavorable market conditions. Recent trends were once again confirmed in 2022, which continued to see great demand for unique, low-mileage cars with extraordinary histories and higher prices for sporty "Youngtimer" models. At the same time, new trends emerged in 2022 that will be closely monitored in 2023, such as the craze surrounding two-wheelers and the incorporation of new sports cars into the collection. […]

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Collector bikes experience unprecedented enthusiasm at auctions

December 2022. From European scooters to "Solexes" and Japanese mini bikes, the collector bike market has been booming the past five years, especially in 2021 and 2022. This rise in popularity reflects the renewed interest of new generations in vintage vehicles. Collector bikes are characterized by a look that is typical of bikes from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Designed with a classic patina finish, they offer riders an exotic trip back in time. […]

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More and more French people plan on buying Christmas presents at auctions

November 2022. Online auctions are playing an increasingly important role in the thriving second-hand market. In fact, these auctions are now becoming one of the preferred shopping methods of certain people in France. This year, quite a large number of French people are planning on buying their Christmas presents at auctions. […]

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The classic car market: trends for 2020

February 2021. Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a good year for the classic car market, marked by the acceleration in the trends already observed in previous years: online sales are exploding (up 61% of products sold at Live auctions), prices of exceptional vehicles are still soaring (€320,000 for Johnny Hallyday's Ferrari), the classics are becoming more accessible (Ferrari Testarossa for less than €100,000), Youngtimers continue to rise (€15,900 for a 1978 Citroën Visa Club), Facel Vegas are smashing their estimates (€219,648 for a 1965 HKII for restoration) and Automobilia is becoming increasingly popular (world record for a Michelin red guide). […]

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Charity auctions: a popular craze boosted by the internet

November 2020. Formerly organised as private events, charity auctions are experiencing unprecedented popularity, thanks to the broadcasting of auctions on the internet. So much so that they have become an effective way for auction houses to promote themselves and attract a new audience. An exclusive view of the secrets of these charity sales and the profiles of their philanthropic bidders. […]

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Prices for vintage cars in original condition are skyrocketing

May 2020. The quest for authenticity is a major trend in the classic car market. Instead of vehicles whose history has been erased by restorations, collectors now prefer authentic models with their original paint and components. Thus, while the market is increasingly demanding, with many sales of collector vehicles that struggle to meet their estimates, in the last five years, the value of fully original collector vehicles has exploded. […]

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More and more French people are buying their Christmas presents at auction.

December 2019. With the craze for the second-hand market, more and more French people are turning to auctions to find their Christmas presents, anxious to optimise their budget and give objects a second life. […]

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The value of vintage Citroën

September 2019. While Citroën is celebrating its centenary year in 2019, the make still occupies an important place in the collectors' market. According to Interencheres, Citroën vehicles are the most collected, and the value of certain models has exploded. […]

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Fashion auctions: the new trend

June 2019. With the popularity of online sales sites, fashion and jewellery auctions are becoming increasingly common. With like-new luxury items at attractive prices and original vintage models, the treasures abounding in fashion and jewellery auctions are attracting a new clientele of fashionistas who are newcomers to auctions and eager to find a deal or to seek out rare pieces. A great opportunity that they discover through the internet, thanks to the live broadcast of the sales. […]

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Auctions attract art collectors

June 2019. The Live sales are attracting a new audience to auctions. An exclusive report on who these new buyers are, motivated by the desire to create or expand a collection. […]

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The classic car market: trends for 2018

January 2019. The classic car market has exploded, with prices increasing threefold in ten years, supported by four major trends: the prices of prestigious brands (Ferrari, Porsche, Alpine) are soaring; the value of "Youngtimers" is increasing with the arrival of young collectors, becoming a market that is now followed by more vintage car enthusiasts; the Citroën brand is experiencing a clear increase, with prices increasing twofold in 8 years; and exceptional vehicles are setting all-time records. […]

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The wine market: trends for 2018

June 2018. In 2018, the wine market has been marked by three major trends: the price of "natural" wines is climbing, with prices doubling in three years; Burgundy is attracting the whole world and overtaking Bordeaux; and old wines are setting new records. […]

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Old drawings are in demand

February 2018. The market for old drawings is in excellent health, marked in recent years by million-dollar auctions and numerous records recorded throughout France. This is a dynamic market where collectors are willing to push auction bids well beyond estimates. But according to what criteria? And for what results? Let's examine a market that is looking good. […]

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Famous streamer hosts live charity auction on Interencheres

October 2023. On October 6th, a live charity auction was held on Interencheres that raised €106,862 for "Seed Charity," an organization that (among other things) helps victims of the recent earthquake in Morocco and floods in Libya. The auction was hosted by auctioneer Léonard Pomez and the famous online streamer Aminematue. Interencheres joined the cause by contributing its technological know-how to the event.

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Interencheres launches its first major TV advertising campaign

May 2022. Supported by the agency Original Story, Interencheres chose FranceTV for its first television appearance and sponsored the successful programme Affaire Conclue on France 2. A story made up of 3 advertisements will place the human element at the heart of this communication campaign, with 3 auctioneers: expertise, the guarantee of authenticity and geographical coverage are the focuses of this first production. [...]

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Discovering treasures near you: the book event that tells stories of auctions

November 2021. Through forty fascinating stories, this book written by Diane Zorzi on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Interencheres reveals the intrigues and outcomes of exceptional works discovered by French auctioneers over the last twenty years. [...]

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Summer sales

June 2017. As is the case every year, Interencheres remains open all summer long with more than 150 sales organised from July 1st to August 31st 2017 all over France and Live online. From your beach towel or your sofa, you can buy a captain's spyglass, a model boat or other unique maritime decorative items. You can start a collection of paintings at low prices, rediscover the art of tapestry which is now at the top of the auction list, enter a bourgeois home to discover and acquire all its family secrets... And you can also indulge yourself with jewellery, miniature or vintage cars, and contemporary art. […]

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